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Marv’s Appliance Service and Home Repair – Your go-to solution for top-notch appliance and home repair services in Rolling Meadows, IL and the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

Premier Appliance & Home Services in Rolling Meadows & Chicago

Marv’s Appliance Service and Home Repair is your go-to solution for top-notch appliance and home repair services in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL. Located in Rolling Meadows, we’ve committed ourselves to deliver excellence to our community since 1982. Our solid track record, backed by over 40 years of experience, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, and reliability.

Our services span a wide array, designed to cater to all your home needs. We specialize in the repair, maintenance, and servicing of household appliances, ensuring your home remains at its operational best. Our experienced team is adept at servicing all major brands of appliances, offering the convenience of in-home repairs. Furthermore, our proficiency extends to general home repair services, helping to maintain your home in its best condition.

Our skill set covers a diverse range of appliances, from washers and dryers to cooktops, electric appliances, garbage disposals, gas appliances, ovens, stoves, and ranges. We also cater to the servicing of coin-operated appliances, underscoring our role as a one-stop solution for all your appliance-related needs. With Marv’s Appliance Service and Home Repair, you can rely on efficient, dependable, and affordable services that keep your home in perfect working order.

Benefit from Our 90-Day Warranty!

We stand by the quality of our work. That’s why we offer a 90-day warranty on all parts and labor. Benefit from our warranty and have peace of mind knowing that we’ve got you covered!

Comprehensive Appliance and Home Repair Services

We offer a wide range of services to keep your home running smoothly. From appliance repair to home repair, our experienced team is here to help.

Appliance Repair Services

When your household appliances break down, it can disrupt your daily routine. That's where we come in. Our expert team can repair all makes and models of washers, dryers, cooktops, electric appliances, garbage disposals, gas appliances, ovens, stoves, ranges, and even coin-operated appliances. We offer same-day or next-day service for your convenience, and all our work is backed by a 90-day warranty. Trust us to get your appliances back in working order.

Home Repair Services

Your home is your sanctuary, and it deserves the best care. Our home repair services are designed to address any issues that may arise in your home, from minor fixes to major repairs. Our experienced team can handle it all, ensuring your home remains a safe and comfortable space for you and your family. We work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver results that meet your expectations. Let us take care of your home repair needs.

Serving The Northwest Suburbs

At Marv’s Appliance Service and Home Repair, we’re proud to provide top-tier appliance and home repair services to communities in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL. Our commitment to quality and convenience is reflected in our broad service area, which includes:

No matter where you are within these locations, you can count on our dedicated team to promptly address your home repair and appliance needs with professionalism and expertise.

Why Hire Us?

For over four decades, we’ve been providing top-notch appliance and home repair services. We offer you expert solutions that bring functionality back to your home.

Proven Expertise

With 40 years of experience, our depth of knowledge across various appliances is unrivaled. We understand common and complex issues, ensuring efficient repairs.

Strong Reputation

Our positive reviews and testimonials reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our reputation stands as a testament to our high-quality service.

Affordable Pricing

We offer competitive pricing and transparent quotes. Our goal is to provide value without compromising the quality of our services.

Diverse Range of Services

We repair a wide variety of appliances from different brands. Our comprehensive service eliminates the need to seek multiple repair services.

Responsive and Available

We pride ourselves on our quick response times and flexible scheduling. We understand how a broken appliance can disrupt your routine, so we aim to provide timely solutions.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We stand by our work, providing warranties or guarantees on our repairs. This commitment gives our customers the peace of mind they deserve when choosing our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to common queries about Marv’s Appliance Service and Home Repair. These FAQs provide insights into our services, helping you understand how we can effectively meet your appliance and home repair needs.

There are several reasons why repairing your appliance might be a better option. For starters, it’s often more cost-effective. The cost of a repair is usually significantly less than the cost of a new appliance, especially if your appliance is relatively new or a high-end model. Furthermore, repairing an appliance helps reduce waste and environmental impact, contributing to sustainability. Lastly, if you have a matching set of appliances, a repair may allow you to maintain the uniform look of your kitchen or laundry room.

We understand that when appliances break down, it can disrupt your daily routine and even cause potential hazards in your home. Therefore, we strive to provide prompt service to address urgent repair needs. While our ability to offer same-day service may depend on our schedule and the specific problem with your appliance, we aim to respond as swiftly as possible. If a same-day repair isn’t feasible, we’ll work with you to arrange the earliest possible appointment to minimize any inconvenience. Always feel free to contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

As a general guideline, if an appliance is less than 10 years old and the cost of repair is less than half the cost of a new one, it’s often worth repairing. However, the decision also depends on the specific issue with the appliance and its overall condition. Our expert technicians can inspect your appliance, diagnose the problem, and provide a detailed assessment to help you make the most cost-effective and practical decision.

We understand how disruptive a malfunctioning appliance can be to your daily routine, so we strive to provide prompt and efficient service. The exact timing can depend on the complexity of the issue and whether specific parts are readily available. However, in many cases, we’re able to resolve the problem and have your appliance back to functioning condition within a few days.

Yes, we absolutely do. We stand behind the quality of our work and offer warranties or guarantees on our repairs. This assurance is part of our commitment to delivering excellent service and it offers our customers peace of mind knowing that the repair is covered should any issues arise post-service. The terms of the warranty or guarantee can vary depending on the specific repair or part, and our technicians will provide detailed information during the service call.

Showcase of Excellence

Browse through images of successfully repaired and serviced appliances, reflecting our dedication, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction in every job we undertake.

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We understand that when your appliance breaks down, you need it fixed as soon as possible. That’s why we offer same-day service for your convenience. Contact us now and get your appliances back in working order today!